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In a safe organization the strenghts of each individual are fully utilized

I disagree but get committed anyway

People forms an organiation. There are various skills and competences needed for successful operations.

There are numerous service providers for sales trainings or SAP- trainings. But organization requires endless amount of other competences as well, both, soft and hard skills.

Examples about IM Global training portfolio

  • How do I influence
  • How to handle difficult situations
  • Organizational culture - We do as we have always done
  • Interpersonal competences - personalities, traits and temper
  • Leading negotiator - lead and drive
  • Supply chain & procurement - € as a driver

Many of these skills works also as a normative codes that defines common platform for organizations.

The skills, in addition to the efficiency, are affecting directly for well- being, security, equality, safety and trust in organizations.

When organizational skills and also behavior related, are taken seriously, studies indicates that such organizations are by far better positioned to meet and overcome set targets.

In safe and positive environment you can contribute and you will be heard. 

Fear kills the creativity!!

IM Global offers trainings for different types of organizations and individuals. Contact us to hear more.

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