NEW : FFP2/FFP1 - protective masks 

We sell partial or full delivery orders from this 1M production quota. To assure the delivery, please contact us immediately and we will confirm the delivery date as the order is confirmed. Unfortunately we can not respond to generic quiestions and RFQ´s due to extremely loaded demand in production units. Volumes are sold out until the end of september globally.

UPDATE 3.4.2020. Minimum order quantity is currently + 100 000 pcs, maximum 1M pcs. Orders are confirmed after initial confirmation pre-payment of 3%. Final payment must be completed before the material will be released for the customers.

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Due to sudden global pamdemic situation, IM Global is utilizing it´s 25 years of experience, network and footprint in healthcare industry to improve the global allocation situation in protective medical appliances and products.

There is a huge gap in protective masks according the global demand and market situation is unfortunately appealing also unwanted behavior. There are some service providers offering masks without official standardization and certification. All, approved masks requires CE- and FDA certification from proper party in all continents. In addition to quality, another issue is the availability. Some customers are loosing time by expecting deliveries that are not confirmed in a proper way.

With more than 25 active work in APAC markets, IM Global can quarantee the availability of such productive materials.

We have an existing supply chian in place and we can assure weekly deliveries for approximately one million pcs. To manage the supply chain and customer demand, we are forced to serve customers with FIFO - principle (first in- first out). All certifications and quality documentations will be provided when the orders are confirmed.